News item: Why hackers want your health care data most of all

From the Infoworld article:

…Retailers and banks tend to be popular cyber crime targets, but criminals understand that stealing health care records can be as valuable, if not more.

Financial data has a finite lifespan because it becomes worthless the second the customer detects the fraud and cancels the card or account. Most forums for such data have a high enough surplus of stolen payment cards that they have fire sales.

But information contained in health care records has a much longer shelf life and is rich enough for identity theft. Social Security numbers can’t easily be cancelled, and medical and prescription records are permanent. There’s also a large market for health insurance fraud and abuse, which may be more lucrative than simply selling the records outright in forums…


…Many experts believe the health care breaches are not the work of typical cyber crime gangs but of state-sponsored, well-funded groups. The Community Health hack, the first big health care breach, is widely believed to be the work of a Chinese espionage group…

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