Canada — Two firefighters sued by union for allegedly misappropriating portions of WSIB awards

Canadian money by Sara Long

From the news item:

The claim says the pair, while helping firefighters’ relatives with occupational disease compensation cases on behalf of the union, convinced families to redirect up to 12 per cent of their settlements to the two men instead of donating the money to the association. The association donations were to be used to help other firefighters’ families coping with illness and bereavements, the claim says.

The union also accused Atkinson and Grieve of renting luxury cars in an “elaborate scheme” that saw them travel the province working on cases, while their salaries, expenses and meals were covered by the OPFFA at a cost of about $135,000 annually.

Those allegations, which a lawyer for Atkinson and Grieve calls “completely unfounded,” have not been tested in court.

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