U.S. — Unlicensed Physician Pleads Guilty to Role in Detroit-Based $6.2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

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From the news item:

Kent admitted that while he was employed at B&M Visiting Doctors PLC (B&M) and while he was unlicensed, he saw patients and falsified related patient records, including medical documents and billing documents, all under the name of a licensed medical doctor.  He admitted that among those documents falsified were prescriptions for controlled substances, such as Fentanyl, that he personally wrote using the name and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) number of a licensed physician.  Kent knew that Medicare did not pay for patient visits performed by unlicensed individuals, but that such claims were nonetheless submitted to Medicare through B&M, he admitted.

Charles McRae, 61, an unlicensed physician and part owner of B&M, and Alvin Williams, 65, an unlicensed physician, both of Detroit, were charged in the same indictment as Kent and pleaded guilty for their participation in this scheme to defraud.  McRae and Williams will be sentenced in July 2016.

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