Spain — Grieving father sues homeopath ‘who said his son’s cancer could be cured with vitamins’

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From the news item:

Mario was a 21-years-old physics student when he was diagnosed with leukaemia and doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant and a course of chemotherapy.

However, he feared the effects of chemotherapy and was, according to Julián, “convinced” by Mr Llorente, president of the Spanish Association of Orthomolecular Nutrition, into a homeopathic ‘orthomolecular treatment’.

Mr Llorente prescribed €4,000 worth of ‘alternative medicines’, including vitamins, fungi and alcohol. Before he later died of an intestinal infection, Mario said to his father: “Dad, I was wrong”.

Mario’s medical doctors also blamed Mr Llorente for the young man’s decision to turn down conventional treatment, El Pais reported.

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