Canada — Investigators trawl social media to catch fraud

Magnifying glass by John Lester

From the Canadian Insurance Top Broker Magazine news item:

And those who get caught online aren’t career criminals. Most often, they’re everyday policyholders who file an exaggerated or outright fake personal injury claim to make the most of a broken ankle. “Professionals typically don’t advertise their activities on social media,” says Chris Mathers, president of his own investigative firm, Chris Mathers Inc. “I think the highest chance of trapping fraudsters in the insurance domain would be the individual consumer who maybe brags about something they’ve done on social media.”

“I call that self-surveillance,” says Jason Frost, an associate at Hughes Amys and one of Schultz’s colleagues. “How people will not think about it and go about their ordinary, day-to-day routine [and] broadcast it to the world… without thinking about ‘Oh, how will this conflict with the claim that I’m advancing or is being advanced on my behalf?’

A country full of self-surveyors can only help fraud investigations, but as Elliott points out, investigators don’t start searching for damning evidence. “Our job is not to go out and fry them or cook them,” he says. “Our job is to get a real evaluation of their current abilities and ultimately provide that evidence to the insurance company…” But since he only sees cases after insurers have flagged them as suspicious, he usually finds a disconnect between the claim and reality.

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