Results from Our 2015 Annual Survey of Legislation by Jurisdiction

This report is based on information collected by the Global Health Care Anti-Fraud Association from its members around the world. The survey canvassed our member organizations to assess the state of health care fraud legislation as it stood in 2015.

All of the countries reporting said that there is some from of anti-fraud legislation in place, though not necessarily specific to the healthcare or related insurance field. Some had multiple laws that targeted different fraudulent activities, like, fraudulent licensing, false claims, or pharmaceutical abuse. Other nations, such as Belgium, only had legislation in place that targeted fraud involving government-funded programs. In the U.S., many States have provisions in place in addition to the Federal anti-kickback law.

The reporting countries all agreed that there are provisions for governments to recover lost monies as well as legal penalties. They also have privacy statutes/regulations in place that apply to health care fraud investigations.

Of the four nations that sent in responses, three reported that there is a whistle-blower protection act in place.

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