Canada–Expectant Ontario moms ‘duped’ by 3D ultrasounds to sue

From the Hamilton Spectator news item:

Jennifer Cusimano, one of two expectant mothers who first noticed matching images from BabyView 3D Prenatal Imaging in Pickering, said 43 parents-to-be believe they were given identical photos after getting 3D ultrasounds at the clinic.

It began when members of a Facebook group for mothers expecting a baby in September 2016, posted their 3D prenatal images. Two mothers realized something was amiss about their photos.

“It was the exact same photo,” said Cusimano.

They discovered they’re both from Oshawa and both got their 3D images from BabyView.

“I can’t even explain,” she said of the discovery. “I was just shocked. I literally stared at it every single day trying to notice features. I had so many emotions.”

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