Media Release: Strengthening cross-border information-sharing of healthcare fraud trends and data

June 14, 2016

The Global Healthcare Anti-Fraud Association (GHCAN) today announced the successful completion of groundbreaking discussions which brought together leaders from 3 continents to strengthen cross-border information sharing of healthcare fraud trends and data.

Representatives from anti-fraud associations around the world including the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association, the European Healthcare Fraud & Corruption Network, the Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group (United Kingdom), the Healthcare Forensics Management Unit (South Africa), and the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (United States), gathered in McLean, Virginia at the MITRE Corporation’s offices to develop a framework for international anti-fraud cooperation.

“As each of the GHCAN Partners operate within a global economy, it is increasingly more important for these like-minded organizations to come together to create a deeper understanding of the cross-border nature of health care fraud, stated Lou Saccoccio, CEO of the National Healthcare Anti-fraud Association, and through this cooperation we can more effectively share information to track and prevent fraud both within our own countries and internationally.”

GHCAN’s Partners will convene again at the 6th Global Healthcare Fraud Prevention Summit, held October 12-14, in London, England and hosted by the Health Insurance Counter Fraud Group.    The invitation-only summit draws 100 experts from 5 continents for discussions on the latest health care fraud schemes, technologies, best practices and interventions.

GHCAN was founded by 5 national health insurance anti-fraud associations representing Canada, Europe, Southern Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States.   GHCAN’s mission is to promote partnerships and communications between international organizations in order to reduce and eliminate health care fraud around the world.

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