Five cyber security issues facing the healthcare industry

From the Business Review Europe news article:

…To combat the rising cyber threat, the NHS is expected to spend £1bn on cyber-security and data consent. However, the recent deal between Google’s DeepMind and the NHS has called data privacy and security into question. Whilst doctors may benefit from the introduction of modern-day technology, patient data, which in some cases are not anonymised, could be at risk.

Healthcare suffered more breaches than any other sector in the UK in the final quarter of 2015, with half of all data breaches reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) coming from private or public health organisations, so concerns are valid. Healthcare organisations need to ensure watertight policies and procedures are implemented, although there is no solution available that can guarantee security. As cyber-attacks become more complex, healthcare IT professionals need to stay on top of their security strategies in order to deal with threats. Here are five issues facing the industry today:…

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