U.S. — Patients’ medical data lost after ransomware attack at Calif. healthcare provider

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From the Security Info Watch news article:

…The computer records of Marin Medical Practice Concepts, a Novato company that provides medical billing and electronic medical records services to many Marin physicians, were hacked on July 26. As a result, some Marin doctors were unable to access their patients’ medical records for more than a week.

Responding to questions from the Independent Journal on Aug. 4, Lynn Mitchell, CEO of Marin Medical Practice Concepts, confirmed the malware attack. In her email, Mitchell wrote, “Ransom was paid. For security reasons we will not be releasing the amount or denomination paid.”

Typically in such ransomware attacks, a sophisticated computer virus finds its way into a victim’s system when an unsuspecting employee opens an email attachment. The virus encrypts the system’s data and attackers essentially hold the data hostage until the owners of the information pay a ransom, typically in an untraceable digital currency such as Bitcoin.

The Marin Healthcare District and Prima Medical Foundation issued nearly identical press releases on Wednesday, stating, “The third-party forensic firm hired to investigate this incident found no evidence that patient personal, financial, or health information was accessed, viewed, or transferred

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