U.S. –Pharmacy Owners Charged in $158 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

From the Department of Justice news article:

…According to the DOJ, Noryian, Nourian, and Rydberg controlled 3 pharmacies: Ability Pharmacy, Industrial & Family Pharmacy, and Park Row Pharmacy. Allegedly, the defendants filed forms to transmit payments electronically from the Department of Labor-Office of Workers’ Compensation (DOL-OWCP) for pricey creams used to treat scars, wounds, and pain, some of which had reimbursement rates of up to $28,000 per container.

The indictment also alleges that Bandoola Pharmaceutical was used to pay kickbacks, disguised as loans, to physicians for referring DOL-OWCP patient prescriptions to the pharmacies.

Noryian allegedly marketed the creams to physicians treating DOL-OWCP patients, bribing them to send unnecessary prescription for the medications to the pharmacies in exchange for payments, free rent, and other benefits…

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