U.S. — Prosecutors insist eye doc stole $136 million from Medicaid

From the ABC News article:

…Prosecutors are seeking 30 years. They say the doctor subjected elderly patients to painful tests and treatments they didn’t need, for diseases they didn’t have, to support a vacation home in his native Dominican Republic, lavish trips to Europe and outside business interests. The government also says he bribed New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alexandra Chase told Marra that Melgen’s practice was so “permeated” with fraud that the judge should accept the government’s estimate. Chase said even if the 63-year-old Melgen stole just $65 million — about half as much — he would be eligible for a life sentence. She pointed to Melgen often seeing more than 100 patients a day, and his employees performing in seconds tests that normally take 10 minutes or more, making them useless for diagnosis but allowing the doctor to bill Medicare for them.

“The system was set up to maximize fraud,” she said…

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