Canada: Pharmacist fakes robbery at his own store to cover up fentanyl trafficking 

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From the Ottawa Citizen article: An Ottawa pharmacist who faked a robbery at his own drugstore to cover up the “mountains” of fentanyl patches he trafficked has been found guilty of his crimes, in what appears to be the city’s first case of narcotics trafficking in the profession and the latest effort to deal with […]

Canada: ‘Unexplained losses’ of opioids on the rise in Canadian hospitals 

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From the Maclean’s article: …Health Canada data obtained by CityNews through an Access to Information request reveal between 2010 and September 2017, opioids went missing from Canadian hospitals 5,689 times and the quantities varied from a few tablets to packs of 100 pills. The highly addictive and potent fentanyl is disappearing from Canadian hospitals at […]

Opinion: Why an insurer invites mandatory fraud reporting (Canada) 

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From the Canadian Underwriter opinion piece: …Aviva released Thursday Crash, Cash and Backlash: Aviva Fraud Report 2017, which includes results of a survey in which two in three respondents said they “feel that cracking down on fraud would reduce their current auto insurance premiums.” That survey is based on interviews of 1,502 Canadians conducted in October by Pollara […]

Canada: Man finds information of 60 patients on back of prescription 

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From the CBC news item: Last month, Eddie Soltani’s wife had an appointment with Dr. Michael Lai in downtown Toronto. Her husband picked her up and they were about to fill the prescription when Soltani says he discovered a list on the other side containing what he believes is personal information of Lai’s patients. … […]

Canada — Hospital denies defaming former director accused in kickback scheme 

From the CBC News article: Marshall was one of two longtime Ottawa Hospital directors named in a statement of claim filed in January 2016 by the hospital, which alleged that they defrauded the institution in exchange for luxury vacations, free or inexpensive cars, and other family favours. Marshall responded to the allegations last week, claiming […]

Canada — 10 TTC employees charged with fraud in alleged $5M insurance scheme 

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From the national Post news item: To date, the TTC says 150 employees have been fired, retired or resigned to avoid dismissal as a result of the investigation, which started in 2014. All 10 people charged face one count of fraud over $5,000. Of the 10, one is an employee on medical leave. The allegations […]

Disgraced dentist-turned-foot doctor loses licence after use of fake medical implants 

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Ottawa chiropodist designed his own stents instead of using Health Canada-approved ones, CBC’s Go Public found A disgraced dentist-turned-foot doctor has been kicked out of the medical field for a second time after a Go Public investigation revealed he was using knock-off medical implants on unsuspecting patients. Read more at the link:

6 Canadians arrested in U.S. extradition request for allegedly selling fake cancer drugs online 

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From the CBC news article: Six Canadian men have been arrested under the Extradition Act in connection with an international internet drug investigation involving the distribution of counterfeit cancer drugs Read more at the link:

Healthcare fraud in North America a multi-billion dollar problem 

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From the Life Health Professional news article: Healthcare in North America is big business. Last year, Canada’s health expenditure was $228 billion, which equates to $6,299 per person. It’s a healthy sum for sure, but is dwarfed by the US, where US$3.2 trillion dollars was spent in 2016. Read more at the link:

Canada — More than 100 TTC workers dismissed or quit after multimillion-dollar benefits scam 

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From the CBC news item: …It is alleged that receipts were provided to employees by Healthy Fit for claim reimbursement where no product or service was obtained, or where receipt amounts were inflated. It is also alleged that Healthy Fit and the employee making the claim would then share the money paid out by the TTC’s insurer at […]