Global: Ransomware continues to evolve into new variants 

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From the Fraud Magazine news article: …Although losses from ransomware were relatively minor in its earlier years, they’ve grown significantly from about $24 million in 2015 to $1 billion in 2016, according to Danny Palmer in his Sept. 8, 2016, ZDNet article. And back in May 2017, Jonathan Berr of CBS’s Moneywatch said that losses […]

UK: NHS trust hit by cyber attack cancels operations 

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From the Independent news article: As of Saturday morning, the trust described the entire IT system as “down” and put out an emergency phone number for staff to use over the bank holiday weekend. Dr Jane Burns, medical director for NHS Lanarkshire’s acute division, asked patients not to attend hospitals “unless it is essential”. Read […]

UK: Anonymous hacker says they stole 1.2 million NHS patients’ data 

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From the Graham Cluley piece: An unknown hacker who says they are associated with Anonymous claims to have exploited unpatched software vulnerabilities in swiftQueue’s software to steal a database containing 11 million records, including the passwords and personal data (names, birth dates, phone numbers, and email addresses) of 1.2 million NHS patients. Read more at […]

UK – Hundreds of cyber attacks on Yorkshire public services 

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From the Yorkshire Post news article: “With the NHS, the risk with ransomware attacks is that the data is frozen so you can’t access or make use of it,” he said. “In the case of hospitals, this means they can’t access medical information so some had to shut down scanning equipment and cancel operations. Indirectly, […]

IoT Security Baffles 65% of IT Staff 

From the Info Security news article: …The report also found that healthcare is lagging in IoT readiness: IT and telecoms are the most advanced industries in terms of IoT readiness with healthcare, which many think stands to benefit significantly from the IoT, lagging behind. Overall, one third of respondents say the IoT is already having […]

Top 10 Internet of Things cybersecurity threats and expert advice about how to fight back 

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From the Healthcare IT Infrastructure news article: …So what can healthcare organizations do to bolster the security of devices that use radio frequency to communicate? Risley offered some suggestions. Know your employees “Healthcare organizations can begin by understanding employee behavior and the types of devices entering their offices that could pose a danger to network infrastructure,” […]

U.S. — FDA says cooperation is essential on cybersecurity 

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From the Security Info Watch news article: …Looking the other way is not the correct response, even if the device is old or was made by a different company. Rather, the FDA wants a company to do a full risk assessment and if a risk is severe, to do a “coordinated disclosure” of information about vulnerabilities […]

Security: Using Layered Security for Evolving Cybersecurity Threats 

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From the Healthcare IT Infrastructure news article: …“When somebody gets into your network, they exfiltrate information,” Scott said. “Now they have a treasure trove of data. How is that marketed? What are they using it for? What should victims know about what they’re in for?” Patients will often feel the long-term effects of healthcare data […]

U.S. — Patients’ medical data lost after ransomware attack at Calif. healthcare provider 

Credit Card Theft by Don Hankins

From the Security Info Watch news article: …The computer records of Marin Medical Practice Concepts, a Novato company that provides medical billing and electronic medical records services to many Marin physicians, were hacked on July 26. As a result, some Marin doctors were unable to access their patients’ medical records for more than a week. Responding […]

Africa: Medical records become increasingly targeted by cyber criminals with theft going up 1100% 

From the The Exchange news article: According to the statement, delegates attending the recent Healthcare Innovation Summit were told that medical records are being increasingly targeted by cybercriminals – data from the US showed that 89% of healthcare institutions suffered a security breach and were twice more likely to be targeted than other organisations. Healthcare record […]