Five cyber security issues facing the healthcare industry 

From the Business Review Europe news article: …To combat the rising cyber threat, the NHS is expected to spend £1bn on cyber-security and data consent. However, the recent deal between Google’s DeepMind and the NHS has called data privacy and security into question. Whilst doctors may benefit from the introduction of modern-day technology, patient data, […]

Medical devices remain easy marks for data thieves 

From the Security Info Watch news article: …According to the researchers, attackers leveraged the shellcode technique to exploit numerous medical devices including a Radiation Oncology system, a Respiratory Position Management System, a Flouroscopy Radiology system and an X-Ray machine. They found that malware was discovered moving laterally within the network. By utilizing Deception technology, some healthcare […]

U.S. — Why hackers go after health providers 

From the news item: Q. Why would cybercriminals go after the health care industry? A: It has a lot of information that could be valuable to criminals, and that makes it a juicy target. First, health care companies often have a bunch of personal information that could be use for traditional financial fraud — things […]

U.S. — MedStar took ‘extreme’ measures to block cyber threat 

From the news item: MedStar Health’s online records and email communications were cut off for a second day in a row Tuesday as the hospital system scrambled to recover from a malware attack. As it cripples the $4.6 billion health system — which said it shut down its own online operations as a defensive tactic […]

U.K. — What is the price of healthcare cyber-attacks? 

Credit Card Theft by Don Hankins

From the SC Magazine UK news item: The healthcare industry holds far more ‘risky’ and ‘valuable’ personal data opportunities than many other sectors. A new report from IDC has shown that healthcare data could be five, ten or even 50 times more valuable than other forms of data. The typical data found within our medical records […]

U.S. — Your money or your life! Another hospital goes down to ransomware 

Full Screen Terminal on OS X by Ian Brown

From the Register news item: Another US hospital has had its records scrambled by ransomware trying to extort money from the sawbones. This time: it’s the Methodist Hospital in Kentucky that’s been infected. “We’ve notified the FBI, we’re dealing with federal authorities on how to deal with it,” the hospital’s chief operating officer David Park […]

U.S. — Report: logged 316 cybersecurity incidents between October 2013 and March 2015 

From the Huron Daily Tribune news item: A government report says the web portal for health insurance coverage under President Barack Obama’s law logged 316 security incidents during a period of about 18 months. The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office says none of the attempted cyberattacks appeared to have succeeded in compromising sensitive data, including the […]

U.S. — 2016 Data Breaches Up 4.7% Year Over Year 

From the news item: The latest count from the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) indicates that there has been a total of 155 data breaches recorded through March 15, 2016, and that more than 4.3 million records have been exposed since the beginning of the year. The total number of records increased only modestly compared with […]

U.S. — International: Dark Web is fertile ground for stolen medical records 

Credit Card Theft by Don Hankins

From the CNBC news item: Last year, almost 100 million health-care records were compromised, making them a hacker’s No. 1 target, according to a report by IBM. Now, hackers have realized “you can use those profiles for normal fraud stuff,” wrote one seller of medical records on a website shown to CNBC by IBM. Hackers […]

Employees can be weak links in data breaches 

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From the Morning Call news item: “Attackers shifted away from automated exploits and instead engaged people to do the dirty work — infecting systems, stealing credentials and transferring funds,” said the study by Proofpoint, a technology security company in California. “These attacks differed in scale and volume,” Proofpoint said. “But they all shared one common […]