U.K. — ‘Staggering’ trade in fake degrees revealed 

Magnifying Glass by Emma Craig

From the BBC news article: …A trawl through the list of Axact UK buyers, seen by the BBC, reveals various NHS clinical staff, including an ophthalmologist, nurses, a psychologist, and numerous consultants also bought fake degrees. A consultant at a London teaching hospital bought a degree in internal medicine from the fake Belford University in […]

Report: Illinois’ home health care industry rife with fraud, tainted by unscrupulous physicians 

Aging at home

From the Chicago Tribune news report: …For adults hobbled by disability or disease who want to stay out of nursing homes or hospitals, home health care services can be a godsend. For criminals who want to tap into federal Medicare dollars, it can represent a loosely guarded bank vault. A Tribune investigation reveals that Illinois […]

U.K. — Trust me, I’m a fake doctor: how medical imposters thrive in the real world 

Stethoscope by osseous

From the Guardian news article: It couldn’t happen in real life, though, could it? It already has. Others with medical backgrounds have posed as fully fledged doctors before. Take Levon Mkhitarian who encountered 3,363 patients in two years, working across seven NHS trusts on oncology, cardiology, transplant and surgical wards as well as in A&E. Mkhitarian, originally […]

Brooklyn man convicted of practicing dentistry after license was revoked 17 years ago 

Yuri and the dentist by Emran Kassim

From the Daily News New York news article: A Brooklyn dentist who lost his license to practice 17 years ago was convicted for continuing to pull teeth, prosecutors said. Alexander Hollender, 70, was found guilty Wednesday for practicing dentistry at the Seventh Ave. Dental Office even after his license was revoked in 2000 for stealing […]

She pulled teeth, provided fillings, but wasn’t a dentist and is headed to prison 

Dentist by Herry Lawford

From the Idaho Statesman news article: Cherie R. Dillon, 62, will spend five years in prison for completing dental procedures that legally could only be performed by a dentist. Read more at the link: http://www.idahostatesman.com/news/local/crime/article154852059.html

U.K. — There is no quick fix in cosmetic surgery 

Recovering from Surgery

From the Guardian opinion piece: …Understanding the intricacies of facial anatomy and physiology has taken me half a lifetime of rigorous medical training to master. Yet flimsy regulation means an individual can jump on to YouTube, watch a couple of “how-to” clips, order supplies online and set up as a bona fide consultant. The dangers are […]

Spain — Grieving father sues homeopath ‘who said his son’s cancer could be cured with vitamins’ 

Homeopathic Remedies by ilovebutter

From the news item: Mario was a 21-years-old physics student when he was diagnosed with leukaemia and doctors recommended a bone marrow transplant and a course of chemotherapy. However, he feared the effects of chemotherapy and was, according to Julián, “convinced” by Mr Llorente, president of the Spanish Association of Orthomolecular Nutrition, into a homeopathic ‘orthomolecular treatment’. Mr Llorente […]

U.S. — Unlicensed Physician Pleads Guilty to Role in Detroit-Based $6.2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme 

Pills 1-1 by e-Magine Art

From the news item: Kent admitted that while he was employed at B&M Visiting Doctors PLC (B&M) and while he was unlicensed, he saw patients and falsified related patient records, including medical documents and billing documents, all under the name of a licensed medical doctor.  He admitted that among those documents falsified were prescriptions for […]

U.S. — Feds charge Middletown woman with health care fraud for 3rd time 

Pills 3 by e-Magine Art

From the Pennline news item: …China Scott, 45, was providing home care to a disabled person through Cool Waters, a Dauphin County-based agency. She didn’t tell her employer that, because of her other convictions, her services were ineligible for federal health care reimbursements, Smith said. The new charge, filed in U.S. Middle District court, resulted […]

U.S. — State of Florida Launches “Health Care Complaint Portal” 

Lighted Keyboard 2 by Eric Norris

From the Florida Politics news item: Floridians now have an online tool to report unlicensed health care providers, fraud, health violations and more. The Department of Health is providing a “new and improved” health care complaint portal, www.flhealthcomplaint.gov, developed with the Agency for Health Care Administration. “The enhanced portal serves as an example of successful collaboration between the Department and other […]