Canada: Mayor calls for terminations after medication fraud report 

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From the Toronto Star news article: …The mayor’s comments come after a scathing report released Tuesday by auditor Beverly Romeo-Beehler looking into “potentially excessive and unusual drug claims” found widespread problems with claims related to erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs Viagra and Cialis, as well as opioids including the highly addictive painkillers oxycodone and fentanyl. One […]

Valeant pays $54 million to settle U.S. kickback, fraud claims 

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From the REUTERS news item: …Salix admitted and accepted responsibility for routinely paying doctors hundreds or thousands of dollars, or offering perks including lavish meals at restaurants such as Le Bernardin and Nobu, to attend some of its roughly 10,000 “speaker programs,” including many with little or no educational value. One doctor from Rochester, New […]

UK–Boss at heart of Romanian scandal 

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From the guardian news item: Romanians have been left appalled by a multimillion-euro medical fraud scandal – in which a big pharmaceutical company allegedly watered down disinfectants for use on hospital wards for years. Hundreds of people may have been infected as a result. Read the full item at the link:

U.S. — Doctor given prison for taking kickbacks to prescribe risky drug 

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From the Chicago Tribune news item: Dr. Michael Reinstein, the subject of a 2009 Tribune-ProPublica joint investigation, admitted to pocketing nearly $600,000 in benefits over the years for prescribing various forms of clozapine, known as a risky drug of last resort, to hundreds of mentally ill patients in his care. In rejecting calls by defense […]

U.S. — DOJ Attorneys Disclose Health Care Enforcement Trends for 2016 

From the Lexology news item: Federal prosecutors appearing at the American Conference Institute’s 16th Annual Forum on Fraud and Abuse in the Sales and Marketing of Medical Devices earlier this month outlined recent enforcement trends that should catch the attention of the health care industry. Companies that ignore the warnings and lessons stemming from these public […]

U.S. — Drug-Company Payments Mirror Doctors’ Brand-Name Prescribing 

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From the NPR study write up: Doctors who got money from drug and device makers prescribed a higher percentage of brand-name drugs overall than doctors who didn’t, our analysis showed. Even those who simply got meals from companies prescribed more brand-name drugs, on average. Moreover, as payments increased, brand-name prescribing rates tended to as well. […]

North Texas compounding pharmacy under federal scrutiny was booted from private network over fraud concerns 

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From the Dallas News article: RXpress Pharmacy and Xpress Compounding, two drug compounders partly owned by Fort Worth pharmacist Lewis Hall and his son, were both removed from the provider network by Prime Therapeutics, a pharmacy benefits manager, according to court documents. Prime Therapeutics said its audit of Xpress revealed “numerous billing violations and inaccuracies.” […]