Canada: Man finds information of 60 patients on back of prescription 

Magnifying Glass by Emma Craig

From the CBC news item: Last month, Eddie Soltani’s wife had an appointment with Dr. Michael Lai in downtown Toronto. Her husband picked her up and they were about to fill the prescription when Soltani says he discovered a list on the other side containing what he believes is personal information of Lai’s patients. … […]

U.S. Justice Department sets sights on opioid-ravaged cities 

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From the news item: Sessions said the group of prosecutors he has dubbed the “opioid fraud and abuse detection unit” will rely on data in their efforts to root out pill mills and track down doctors and other health care providers who illegally prescribe or distribute narcotics such as fentanyl and other powerful painkillers. Such […]

U.S. — Connecticut Physicians Charged with Healthcare Fraud, Money Laundering 

From the IndiaWestnews article: U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut Deirdre M. Daly July 26 announced that a federal grand jury in Bridgeport returned an indictment charging Dr. Bharat Patel with narcotics distribution, healthcare fraud and money laundering offenses, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release. Patel, 70, of Milford, Ct., […]

USA — Milford Doctor Indicted On Drug, Health Care Fraud Charges 

From the Milford Patch news article: The two doctors are accused of writing prescriptions for cash to addicts, money laundering and millions of dollars in health care fraud. Both operated out of Family Health Urgent Care at 235 Main St. in Norwalk. Around 2012, Mansourov purchased the practice from Patel and renamed it Family Urgent […]

Valeant pays $54 million to settle U.S. kickback, fraud claims 

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From the REUTERS news item: …Salix admitted and accepted responsibility for routinely paying doctors hundreds or thousands of dollars, or offering perks including lavish meals at restaurants such as Le Bernardin and Nobu, to attend some of its roughly 10,000 “speaker programs,” including many with little or no educational value. One doctor from Rochester, New […]

U.S. — Doctor given prison for taking kickbacks to prescribe risky drug 

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From the Chicago Tribune news item: Dr. Michael Reinstein, the subject of a 2009 Tribune-ProPublica joint investigation, admitted to pocketing nearly $600,000 in benefits over the years for prescribing various forms of clozapine, known as a risky drug of last resort, to hundreds of mentally ill patients in his care. In rejecting calls by defense […]

U.S. — Unlicensed Physician Pleads Guilty to Role in Detroit-Based $6.2 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme 

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From the news item: Kent admitted that while he was employed at B&M Visiting Doctors PLC (B&M) and while he was unlicensed, he saw patients and falsified related patient records, including medical documents and billing documents, all under the name of a licensed medical doctor.  He admitted that among those documents falsified were prescriptions for […]

U.S. — State Revokes License of Englewood Doctor Sentenced to Federal Prison for Insurance Fraud 

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From the news item:

U.S. — Drug-Company Payments Mirror Doctors’ Brand-Name Prescribing 

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From the NPR study write up: Doctors who got money from drug and device makers prescribed a higher percentage of brand-name drugs overall than doctors who didn’t, our analysis showed. Even those who simply got meals from companies prescribed more brand-name drugs, on average. Moreover, as payments increased, brand-name prescribing rates tended to as well. […]

U.S. — Former dental worker jailed for fraudulent prescriptions 

Yuri and the dentist by Emran Kassim

From the Island Packet news item: A former Kennewick dental hygienist accused of writing fake prescriptions for personal painkiller use has been sentenced to one year in jail. The Tri-City Herald reports ( ) that Judge Alex Ekstrom told 44-year-old Nicole Allenton Wednesday she could serve nine months behind bars and spend the remaining three […]