Opinion: Why an insurer invites mandatory fraud reporting (Canada) 

Magnifying glass by John Lester

From the Canadian Underwriter opinion piece: …Aviva released Thursday Crash, Cash and Backlash: Aviva Fraud Report 2017, which includes results of a survey in which two in three respondents said they “feel that cracking down on fraud would reduce their current auto insurance premiums.” That survey is based on interviews of 1,502 Canadians conducted in October by Pollara […]

UK — Dental fraud due to ‘discredited contract’ 

Yuri and the dentist by Emran Kassim

From the Dentistry News item: …‘Genuine fraud must be exposed, but we are working under a discredited contract system that breeds confusion. ‘Put 10 NHS dentists in a room and you’ll get nearly half a dozen different views on how to claim for a treatment. ‘It’s an insane system, and not even officials can navigate […]

Security: Data Theft, Social Engineering Threaten Health IT Networks 

From the Healthcare IT Infrastructure news article: …Healthcare IT officials reported social engineering and data theft caused more concern than cyber terrorism, IoT, organized crime, or insider threats. Social engineering attacks were the most common security threat across all organizations and ransomware was the most common security exploit. Ransomware holds organization data hostage and demands […]

U.S. – A New Medicare Card Scam Is Targeting Seniors. Here’s How to Spot It 

From the Time.com news item: …A reason for the rise in scams is the fact that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced in September that it’s moving to issue new Medicare cards. The new cards are actually meant to curb identity theft by removing a person’s social security number and replacing it with […]

Results from Our 2015 Annual Survey of Legislation by Jurisdiction 

This report is based on information collected by the Global Health Care Anti-Fraud Association from its members around the world. The survey canvassed our member organizations to assess the state of health care fraud legislation as it stood in 2015. All of the countries reporting said that there is some from of anti-fraud legislation in […]

U.S. — OPINION F. Douglas Stephenson: Denying poor people health care defies logic 

From the Gainesville Sun opinion piece: The decision by 25 states to reject the expansion of Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act will result in between 7,115 and 17,104 more deaths than had all states opted in, according to researchers at Harvard Medical School and the City University of New York. The researchers found […]

U.S. — Help prevent Medicare fraud, waste 

Stethoscope by osseous

From the news item: Medicare waste, abuse and fraud cost American taxpayers anywhere from $60 billion to $100 billion a year and threaten the viability of the program. At the low end of this estimate the average overpayment per beneficiary nationwide is over $1,100. While that is a staggering figure on a national level, do […]