Global: Ransomware continues to evolve into new variants 

Laptop in the dark by Luis Romero

From the Fraud Magazine news article: …Although losses from ransomware were relatively minor in its earlier years, they’ve grown significantly from about $24 million in 2015 to $1 billion in 2016, according to Danny Palmer in his Sept. 8, 2016, ZDNet article. And back in May 2017, Jonathan Berr of CBS’s Moneywatch said that losses […]

Security: Data Theft, Social Engineering Threaten Health IT Networks 

From the Healthcare IT Infrastructure news article: …Healthcare IT officials reported social engineering and data theft caused more concern than cyber terrorism, IoT, organized crime, or insider threats. Social engineering attacks were the most common security threat across all organizations and ransomware was the most common security exploit. Ransomware holds organization data hostage and demands […]

U.S. — Patients’ medical data lost after ransomware attack at Calif. healthcare provider 

Credit Card Theft by Don Hankins

From the Security Info Watch news article: …The computer records of Marin Medical Practice Concepts, a Novato company that provides medical billing and electronic medical records services to many Marin physicians, were hacked on July 26. As a result, some Marin doctors were unable to access their patients’ medical records for more than a week. Responding […]

Medical devices remain easy marks for data thieves 

From the Security Info Watch news article: …According to the researchers, attackers leveraged the shellcode technique to exploit numerous medical devices including a Radiation Oncology system, a Respiratory Position Management System, a Flouroscopy Radiology system and an X-Ray machine. They found that malware was discovered moving laterally within the network. By utilizing Deception technology, some healthcare […]

U.K. — What is the price of healthcare cyber-attacks? 

Credit Card Theft by Don Hankins

From the SC Magazine UK news item: The healthcare industry holds far more ‘risky’ and ‘valuable’ personal data opportunities than many other sectors. A new report from IDC has shown that healthcare data could be five, ten or even 50 times more valuable than other forms of data. The typical data found within our medical records […]

U.S. — Your money or your life! Another hospital goes down to ransomware 

Full Screen Terminal on OS X by Ian Brown

From the Register news item: Another US hospital has had its records scrambled by ransomware trying to extort money from the sawbones. This time: it’s the Methodist Hospital in Kentucky that’s been infected. “We’ve notified the FBI, we’re dealing with federal authorities on how to deal with it,” the hospital’s chief operating officer David Park […]

U.S. –Hollywood Presbyterian pays $17,000 ransom to regain control over systems from hackers 

From the Healthcare Finance news item: Officials at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center on Wednesday night said they have paid hackers a $17,000 ransom to regain access and control over the hospital’s computer systems after a low-tech ransomware attack locked them out of their networks. In a letter posted online by hospital CEO Allen Stefanek, the […]