Security: Data Theft, Social Engineering Threaten Health IT Networks 

From the Healthcare IT Infrastructure news article: …Healthcare IT officials reported social engineering and data theft caused more concern than cyber terrorism, IoT, organized crime, or insider threats. Social engineering attacks were the most common security threat across all organizations and ransomware was the most common security exploit. Ransomware holds organization data hostage and demands […]

Understanding Fraud: Not Quite Right 

Magnifying glass by John Lester

From the Lexis-Nexis news article: If a doctor’s practice, home health care company or medical supply company has to pay a recruiter to bring in patients, then you can be sure that something is not quite right.(You can almost bet that Medicare or Medicaid fraud is going on.) An article posted on tells about a […]

The changing face of fraud 

OIG Most Wanted Fugitives

From the Property Casualty 360  news article: Fraud affects every industry and companies serious about targeting fraudsters are taking some new steps to make it more difficult for them to succeed in their fraudulent endeavors. A recent study of more than 800 fraud mitigation professionals from the insurance, financial services, retail, health care, government and […]

Healthcare fraud is costing country 

Get ready for my clinical practice by Ryo FUKAsawa

From the Sowetan news article: …This is according to the latest finding of The Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS). Executive manager of SAFPS Manie van Schalkwyk said both consumers and the healthcare sector can help in the fight against medical aid and other healthcare fraud. He said at least 7% of medical aid claims […]

U.S. — Former Pittsburgh hospice manager sentenced to prison for fraud 

From the Trib Live news article: The former manager of a Pittsburgh hospice will spend 15 months in prison for admitting patients who were not terminally ill so her company could falsely bill Medicare and Medicaid for end-of-life care, a federal judge ruled Monday. Mary Ann Stewart, 49, of Carrolltown, Cambria County, pleaded guilty in […]

Five cyber security issues facing the healthcare industry 

From the Business Review Europe news article: …To combat the rising cyber threat, the NHS is expected to spend £1bn on cyber-security and data consent. However, the recent deal between Google’s DeepMind and the NHS has called data privacy and security into question. Whilst doctors may benefit from the introduction of modern-day technology, patient data, […]

Medicaid anti-fraud efforts recovered $25 million from SNFs in 2015 

Health Care Cost by Tax Credits

From the McKnight’s  news article: Federal authorities recovered roughly $25 million from skilled nursing facilities during criminal and civil investigations in fiscal year 2015, a new report from the Department of Health & Human Services Office of Inspector General shows. The OIG’s Medicaid Fraud Control Units annual report for FY 2015, which was published Wednesday, […]

U.S. — How to help seniors avoid fraud 

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From the Sunrise Blog article: …Here are a few common scams and tips on how to help your parent avoid fraud: Health insurance fraud Health insurance fraud is an unfortunate issue that could affect your older loved ones. According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, financial losses from health care fraud are estimated in […]

U.S. — Exclusive: Fraud lurks behind new patient transport arrangements 

ambulance by Till Krech

From the Fierce Healthcare news article: Unreliable or inaccessible transportation has emerged as a significant patient care issue, one that hospitals are attempting to resolve through innovative partnerships with 21st-century ride-hailing businesses such as Uber and Lyft. However, as examined in this FierceHealthPayer:AntiFraud exclusive report, those partnerships are accompanied by a number of legal questions, illuminating […]

Medical devices remain easy marks for data thieves 

From the Security Info Watch news article: …According to the researchers, attackers leveraged the shellcode technique to exploit numerous medical devices including a Radiation Oncology system, a Respiratory Position Management System, a Flouroscopy Radiology system and an X-Ray machine. They found that malware was discovered moving laterally within the network. By utilizing Deception technology, some healthcare […]