U.K. — Trust me, I’m a fake doctor: how medical imposters thrive in the real world 

Stethoscope by osseous

From the Guardian news article: It couldn’t happen in real life, though, could it? It already has. Others with medical backgrounds have posed as fully fledged doctors before. Take Levon Mkhitarian who encountered 3,363 patients in two years, working across seven NHS trusts on oncology, cardiology, transplant and surgical wards as well as in A&E. Mkhitarian, originally […]

UK — Redhill woman faked identity and invented dependent children to defraud NHS 

From the Surrey Mirror: …Eleanor Bonde, 57, of Carrington Close, was handed a 15-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, at Guildford Crown Court on June 26 after pleading guilty to three counts of fraud. The total loss to the NHS was £88,804.00 – enough to pay four newly qualified nurses’ annual salaries. Read more […]

U.K. — Aberdeen fraud pharmacist to pay £432,000 under the Proceeds of Crime Act 

Magnifying Glass by Emma Craig

From the BBC news item: …Conrad Chau altered prescriptions to get pharmaceutical firms to send him more drugs at a discounted price so he could sell them on to other companies at a profit. The offences took place in 2013 while he was owner of the Holburn Pharmacy. {snip} The fraud was discovered when a […]

UK – Hundreds of cyber attacks on Yorkshire public services 

Lighted Keyboard 2 by Eric Norris

From the Yorkshire Post news article: “With the NHS, the risk with ransomware attacks is that the data is frozen so you can’t access or make use of it,” he said. “In the case of hospitals, this means they can’t access medical information so some had to shut down scanning equipment and cancel operations. Indirectly, […]

U.K. — There is no quick fix in cosmetic surgery 

Recovering from Surgery

From the Guardian opinion piece: …Understanding the intricacies of facial anatomy and physiology has taken me half a lifetime of rigorous medical training to master. Yet flimsy regulation means an individual can jump on to YouTube, watch a couple of “how-to” clips, order supplies online and set up as a bona fide consultant. The dangers are […]

Five cyber security issues facing the healthcare industry 

From the Business Review Europe news article: …To combat the rising cyber threat, the NHS is expected to spend £1bn on cyber-security and data consent. However, the recent deal between Google’s DeepMind and the NHS has called data privacy and security into question. Whilst doctors may benefit from the introduction of modern-day technology, patient data, […]

UK–Former Derriford Hospital deputy chief executive in court on fraud charges 

Get ready for my clinical practice by Ryo FUKAsawa

From the Herald news item: The former chief executive of Torbay Hospital and deputy chief executive at Derriford Hospital was due in court this morning charged with fraud. Paula Vasco-Knight, 52, who was also the NHS’s national lead on equality and diversity, is charged with three counts of fraud by abuse of position. She failed […]

UK–Boss at heart of Romanian scandal 

Pills by Michael Chen

From the guardian news item: Romanians have been left appalled by a multimillion-euro medical fraud scandal – in which a big pharmaceutical company allegedly watered down disinfectants for use on hospital wards for years. Hundreds of people may have been infected as a result. Read the full item at the link: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/may/26/romanias-great-antiseptic-dilution-scam-spreads-fury-and-infection

Results from Our 2015 Annual Survey of Legislation by Jurisdiction 

This report is based on information collected by the Global Health Care Anti-Fraud Association from its members around the world. The survey canvassed our member organizations to assess the state of health care fraud legislation as it stood in 2015. All of the countries reporting said that there is some from of anti-fraud legislation in […]

U.K. — GP found guilty of fraud, to carry on working at his Birmingham practice 

Crime Scene - Do Not Cross. by Alan Cleaver

From the Birmingham Mail news item: Dr Harminderjeet Surdhar, 46, who owns the Five Ways Health Centre, off Ladywood Middleway, used NHS resources to provide blood testing services to private patients between January 1 2010, and March 20, 2013. The medic, of The Avenue, Sutton Coldfield, was found guilty of five counts of fraud by […]